About The Library

The Library is working to take Bob Buford’s ideas and ideals to new audiences in new ways.  As Bob would say, “come visit and stay a while.”

The Buford Library will serve a wide range of leaders including individuals  seeking to clarify their calling, high-capacity leaders who are seeking to apply management to their work, philanthropists looking to maximize their effectiveness, and researchers / authors wanting to build on Bob’s work.

The Library will include Bob's Archives, Initiatives that further Bob's work and a community of thought leaders that build on Bob's ideas and ideals.

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TWO QUESTIONS FOR YOU…the Buford Library is working to codify ideas that Bob Buford taught those he walked with over the years.  Your thoughts will help us dig deep to impact future generations.


Drucker & Me was Bob's last book and a labor of love.  Read Drucker & Me's epilogue written by Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of The Billy Graham Center.

Read Ed's epilogue.