In the near future, the Buford Library will be much more than an archive of Bob’s writing.  Our great hope is that it will be a thriving community of like-minded men and women who share Bob’s values and think our world is a better place when people put them into practice.

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Bob was the consummate content creator.  He left us years worth of material to organize, process and distribute - we have so much to learn from Bob's thoughts.  Visit the Archives pages to learn more.


There are thousands of leaders, young and old, who owe so much to Bob Buford.  Those leaders especially close to Bob want to stay connected to one another and to Bob’s vision.  The Buford Library will host the first “Buford Innovation Forum” to bring Bob’s network together to do collectively what Bob was so good at…seeing around the corner.  We will ask thought-leaders to present ideas that combine what Bob taught them with the future of ministry, nonprofit work, management, etc. In the course of the forum we will form Buford Library Collectives that network individuals working on similar challenges so they can continue to collaborate in an effort to drive results.


Bob was inaugural in resourcing a generation of ministry leaders to understand Peter Drucker’s management ideas—thus being more effective in their ministry.  New resources are begging to be developed from Bob’s library of written work and intellectual capital. We saw this happen after Peter Drucker’s passing.  Individuals built on certain topics or categories in which Peter laid the foundation.   These resources can include, but is not limited to online tools, articles, reports, books, courses, webinars, workshops, seminars, training materials, and online learning communities.



TWO QUESTIONS FOR YOU…the Buford Library is working to codify ideas that Bob Buford taught those he walked with over the years.  Your thoughts will help us dig deep to impact future generations.


Drucker & Me was Bob's last book and a labor of love.  Read Drucker & Me's epilogue written by Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of The Billy Graham Center.

Read Ed's epilogue.