Derek Bell

Derek brings day-to-day leadership to The Buford Library as well as Amazima Ministries  In addition to providing leadership in local churches, Derek has operated Mosaic Strategy Group for sixteen years—working with some of the world’s greatest thinkers in church strategy, Christian publishing and business management.

Derek is the co-author of Millennials Calling.

Co-Founder & Executive Director | Multipliers
Ideation | Strategic | Maximizer | Focus | Learner


Todd Wilson

Todd is co-founder of both Exponential, Made for More and Multipliers providing vision, strategy and direction for the family of ministries. He is a Kingdom-entrepreneur who is naturally drawn to anything around the next corner.

Todd is the author of More as well as other works published by Exponential.

CEO and Co-Founder | Exponential        Co-Founder | Multipliers
Futuristic | Strategic | Activator | Command | Deliberativ