Call for Documents

One major undertaking of The Buford Library is the collection and archival of Bob’s papers—published and unpublished.  We have a tremendous amount of content that Bob created and yet your help will make it complete.  We are interested in emails, pictures, letters, notes, audio, video, or anything else that might involve Bob.  The Buford Library team can use material in any format – digital, physical, etc.

If you are willing to help us, we will work to accommodate you any way we can.  Several options for being a part of this collection include:

SEND - sending content electronically via email, or uploading content to a private dropbox folder,

GIVE - you may simply give us any physical materials you might have and we will keep safe – provided you do not want it returned,

LEND - if you lend us the content but would like it back, the team can digitize it and then get it back to you safe and sound.

In either case, we would be grateful for your participation in our endeavor.  We truly believe this will honor Bob and impact generations to come.

Please communicate via the form on the right.  We believe this is a worthy cause that will impact generations to come.