Best of Bob – Special Giveaway!

Bob taught us all so much and for that we are grateful.  AND, Bob was a giver.  Let’s combine those two ideas and have some fun.

Send The Library one thing that Bob taught you (an idea, a lesson, a bit of wisdom, etc.) – it can be a few words, a sentence or a page.  You might have learned from Bob in person, from one of his books, or even from a friend.

The Library will put your name in a drawing to win a limited edition Peter Drucker autographed piece of artwork that Bob commissioned for Peter Drucker’s 80th birthday.  The signed 26” x 20” artwork displays three of Peter’s famous five questions that every organization needs to consider:

  • What is our business?
  • Who is our customer?
  • What does the customer consider value?

FYI…The other two questions are “what are your results?” and “what is your plan?”

* A name will be selected on August 19.  The artwork will be delivered unframed.


As I work with, and around new leaders, I am reminded how valuable Bob’s Ten Values are for work and life.  Use this downloadable version of Bob’s values for a quick check up.  Where and how are you spending time?

Alongside, Derek Bell
The Buford Library, Executive Director