Lunch with Bob


Bob often passed on life-transforming wisdom over lunch in his office.  So many of us recall Bob’s favorite lunch provide by his righthand colleague, BJ Engle.  Bob would eat a little, then sit way back in his favorite chair, pushing himself back with his foot on his trashcan.  Then, more times than not, Bob would listen intently,asking questions along the way that penetrated right to the heart of the matter.  After poignant questions, Bob would give advice that provided the perspective of

a rare sage.  So many of us heeded his advice and our lives where significantly changed.

We know that much of Bob’s legacy is in the lives he impacted through these kinds of  conversations.  At The Buford Library, we know we can never replace Bob and won’t try, but we can certainly allow those conversations to live on with confidence that what was discussed just might change your life.

In celebration of Bob’s life and legacy, The Buford Library, is announcing the Lunch with Bob Conversations.  This series will feature men and women whose life was changed through Bob’s ministry.  During the Lunch with Bob Conversations we will hear stories that have never been told, principles and values that Bob passed along, and wisdom that is applicable to every facet of life.

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TWO QUESTIONS FOR YOU…the Buford Library is working to codify ideas that Bob Buford taught those he walked with over the years.  Your thoughts will help us dig deep to impact future generations.


Drucker & Me was Bob's last book and a labor of love.  Read Drucker & Me's epilogue written by Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of The Billy Graham Center.

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